Vexilar SonarPhone

Vexilar SonarPhone
Vexilar SonarPhone

SonarPhone uses patented WiFi technology to transmit to smart phones or tablets. You don’t need cell phone coverage to use it, the SonarPhone will work anywhere in the world. You can see your fishfinder in the Navionics app from anywhere in the boat, and on as many devices as you want.

Just install the transducer on the transom or bottom of your boat, and the blackbox anywhere convenient.

Comes in permanent and portable boat install.

With Sonarphone you can reach depths of 240 feet with a 200kHz, Dual-Beam (20/40 degree) skimmer style transducer and temp sensor.


  • Automatic Ranging
  • Water Temperature & Depth Indicator
  • Audible Alarms for Fish, Shallow and Low Battery
  • Fish Icon
  • Zoom Bottom Track
  • Noise Rejection
  • Surface Clarity
  • Battery Indicator
  • One year warranty


  • Max depth range: 240 ft
  • Sonar frequency: 200/83 Dual Beam 20/40
  • Power source: 12 VDC source required (not supplied)
  • Power output: 400 watts peak-to-peak