Platinum+ XL3 North BC-Baranof Island
Platinum+ XL3 North BC-Baranof Island

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  • Marine chart
  • Code: 914P-2 - NORTH BC-BARANOF ISLAND: Hecate Strait, Queen Charlotte Island, Chatham Sound, Gambier Bay, Parry Passage, Neva Strait from Queen Charlotte Sound to Frederick Sound, including Prince of Wales Island, Kuiu Island, Chatham Strait and Baranof Island.
  • Plug and play: Preloaded card with both Nautical Chart and SonarChart™.
  • Get the most out of your chartplotter with 3D View, satellite overlay and port photos.
  • View detailed shorelines with marinas, docks and boat ramp locations. 
  • Increase your awareness of shallow waters and hazardous areas at any depth level including shoals, rocks, wrecks and more.
  • Target underwater structure with up to 1 ft HD contour to find the best fishing locations: roadbeds, foundations, bridges, brush piles, culverts and creek channels. 
  • Consult tides and currents to plan your boating activities.
  • Download Community Edits, valuable local information added by millions of Navionics Boating app users.
  • Get the most current charts every day with daily updates for one year.